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ewelry and the world of gems go as far back as the dawn of man.  One of the earliest account of gemstone use in both decoration and symbol dates to the book of Exodus.  The Breastplate of Aaron had 12 stones in which some say relates to the birthstone tradition.

Regardless of origin, we as jewelry enthusiasts cannot help but continue the tradition of those before us.  It first captures our eyes and then through meaning it wins the soul.  Digging into the legends and lore that surround each stone only adds to fun. 

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Love layering our stoneware bracelets and be tickled in uncovering the stonelore behind them. The stones are handpicked for a playful color assortment of opaqueness, translucency, and transparency so you can create diverse combinations and effects.  Give your color creativity a whirl.  Explore unique looks that will be both eye & soul catching.  These bracelets serve as the most perfect meaningful gifts.


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•  a m e t h y s t  •

Amethyste was a lovely young maiden who captured the eye of Bacchus, god of wine.  She refused his affections and  prayed to Diana, goddess of moon, for merciful protection.  Diana responded quickly and transformed Amethyste into a statue of white quartz.  Saddened and moved to give tribute, Bacchus poured wine over the stone and dyed the crystal to purple.  As part of Greek tradition, amethyst was considered to be a strong antidote against drunkenness and wine goblets were often carved from the gem. 

u s e |  With Moh’s hardness of 7, amethyst is a highly protective stone that balances emotional extremes.  It curbs overindulgences and guilt while promoting selflessness and calm. It can aid those who are coming to terms with loss.


•  c a r n e l i a n  •

Napoleon’s carnelian seal, which he found during his Egyptian campaign, was passed down to Napoleon III, who attached it to his watch chain.  He believed in the ancient carnelian notion that as a talisman it brought magical protection.  The Egyptians placed this stone on their mummies, as they believed it would help them in their journey into the afterlife.

u s e |  With Moh’s hardness of 7, carnelian is a strong energizing stone that stimulates vitality, creativity, & success.  Because of its potency, it also revitalizes other stones.  As it clarifies perception and allows self-trust, carnelian resultantly guards against rage, envy & resentment.       


•  h e s s o n i t e  •

Hessonite, while not well known in the West, has been popular in India for thousands of years. Known as Gomedha, the brown orange, red gem has long been a favored talisman for warding off the evil influences of Rahu, the Hindu celestial body known as "head of the dragon."

u s e |  With Moh’s hardness of 6-7.5, hessonite is a form of garnet.  It is a protective stone that removes feelings of inferiority to promote self-respect.  It stimulates seeking of new challenges and helping others.  If paired with other gemstones, it amplifies their effects.   

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•  r o s e  q u a r t z  •

Throughout history, rose quartz has been a symbol for love and beauty.  It was crafted as jewelry by the Assyrians during 800-600 BC and believed that the Assyrians along with the Romans were first to use this stone.  The Romans considered it a strong healing stone, while Egyptians believed the pink stone prevented aging.  Wearing a heart-shaped rose quartz charm is thought to attract love.

u s e |  With Moh’s hardness of 7, rose quartz epitomizes unconditional love.  It heals emotional pains deep within the heart and reopens it through self-trust and acceptance.  As a peaceful and calming stone, it attracts love, wards off negative energy, & provides empathy.


•  g a r n e t  •

In medieval times, blood red garnets were thought to speed the healing process of hemorrhages and wounds.  Carried as a protective talisman, the wearer had an effective charm that cured diseases, brought accolades, and guarded him from perils in traveling. If a garnet lost its luster and shine, it was a sure sign of coming doom.  Good luck to be given one but bad luck to steal one.

u s e |  With Moh’s hardness of 6-7.5, garnet is a protective stone that removes self-destructive patterns while bringing courage, hope & self-confidence.  It opens up intuition as it warns of imminent danger from enemies.  If paired with other gemstones, it also amplifies their effects.


•  r e d  t i g e r ‘ s  e y e  •

Roman soldiers wore tiger's-eye for protection in battle because tiger’s eye was thought to be all seeing due to its appearance.  The bands in tiger's eye display a visual effect called chatoyancy, which resembles an eye of a tiger and hence its name.  This silky, luster effect is due to the reflection of light within the fibrous structure of the gem.

u s e |  With Moh’s hardness of 4-7, red tiger’s eye is a very stimulating stone.  While providing motivation to overcome sluggishness, it encourages assertiveness and integrity in accomplishing goals.  Moreover, it speeds up slow metabolism and re-energizes a low sex drive.


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•  c h e r r y  q u a r t z •

A beautiful manmade stone with pink swirls, cherry quartz is regardless a popular choice for its visual effect.  The color is concentrated in the form of translucent inclusions within a transparent matrix.  Although similar looking variations of natural quartz can exist, they are rather very rare and expensive.

u s e |  With Moh’s hardness of 7, cherry quartz is a manufactured stone using quartz material.  It lifts courage and harmony as it dissipates anger and tension.  It is a beautiful stone of clarity and brings a new enthusiasm for hope.


•  a r a g o n i t e  •

Also given the common name yellow jade (although not jade), Aragonite was first discovered in Aragon province, Spain.  In the 15th century, Aragonite was carved for masks, statuary and other objects.  In 1876, it was introduced to Europe, where its translucency became so popular it sold for exorbitant prices. 

u s e |  With Moh’s hardness of 3.5-4, aragonite is a practical stone that teaches patience and acceptance, while providing insight into the underlying cause of issues.  Aragonite also encourages delegating, which could be highly useful for those who push their own limits.


•  s m o k y  q u a r t z  •

Dating back to the Druids, smoky quartz has been considered a sacred stone and remains the national gem of Scotland.  In the 17th century, craftsmen of Scottish weapons began to incorporate smoky quartz from the Cairngorm Mountains into shoulder brooches and kilt pins.  It was the stone of power.

u s e |  With Moh’s hardness of 7, smoky quartz is a great grounding stone.  It promotes positivity as it encourages the release of things that no longer have purpose.  It aids in tolerating difficult times with resolve.  Alleviating stress, it neutralizes fears of failure.


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•  g r e e n  a g a t e  •

Agate was highly prized by ancient civilizations because it was believed to render the wearer invisible.  Egyptians used it prior to 3000 BC, but agate can be traced back to the Stone Age in France 20,000-16,000 BC.

u s e |  With Moh’s hardness of 6, green agate promotes practical solutions.  It helps resolving disputes, improving decision making, & increasing emotional flexibility.  Further, it enhances concentration, analytical abilities, & self-awareness.


•  b l u e  t i g e r ‘ s  e y e  •

Roman soldiers wore tiger's-eye for protection in battle because tiger’s eye was thought to be all seeing due to its appearance.  The bands in tiger's eye display a visual effect called chatoyancy, which resembles an eye of a tiger and hence its name.  This silky, luster effect is due to the reflection of light within the fibrous structure of the gem.

u s e |  With Moh’s hardness of 4-7, blue tiger’s eye clears internal conflict by releasing stress and calming individuals who are overanxious, short tempered, or suffering from phobias. Further, it helps to slow down metabolism and an overactive sex drive.


•  c l e a r  q u a r t z  •

Quartz crystals, once believed to be fossilized ice, have been used for magic and healing purposes since the beginning of time.  Native Americans prize quartz as a potent shamanic tool and refer to it as the brain cells of Grandmother Earth.  In the Shetlands, quartz pebbles were once thought to cure sterility; they were collected by women and thrown into a pool wherein they washed their feet.

u s e |  With Moh’s hardness of 7, clear quartz is a powerful healer and amplifier of energy.  Filtering out distractions, it assists in concentration and unlocking memory.  Clear quartz is a prism of all colors and therefore works universally.  It raises energy to the highest possible level of being.


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•  a p a t i t e  •

The Greek root “apate”, meaning "to deceive," alludes to apatite's striking similarity to more highly valued stones such as peridot & beryl.  As the story goes, Apate was the Greek goddess of deceit, benefactor of politicians.  She was also one of the spirits inside Pandora's box.

u s e |  With Moh’s hardness of 5, apatite deepens meditation and clears frustration.  The sea blue stone reduces irritability and soothes emotional exhaustion.  As it dissolves indifference, it promotes sociability and passion.


•  l a b r a d o r i t e  •

It is said that while an Inuit warrior was wondering along the shoreline, he saw rocks shimmer in the water.  Fearing the shimmer was the Aurora Borealis trapped within the rocks, he swung his mighty spear to free the lights.  For it was believed by his people that the spirits of their dead ancestors could be seen in the Aurora Borealis.

u s e |  With Moh’s hardness of 5-6, labradorite is an iridescent stone that provides a barrier against negative energies. It quells insecurities & fears and energizes creativity & imagination.  As a great transformative stone, it dispels illusions and encourages perseverance.


•  g r a y  c h a l c e d o n y  •

A stone with a rich and extensive history, chalcedony is named after the ancient port city of Chalcedon on the Asia Minor side of the Bosporus.  Greek seafarers in the 3rd or 4th century AD wore chalcedony amulets to avoid drowning, while astrologers of the Middle Ages wore engraved signets. 

u s e |  With Moh’s hardness of 7, gray chalcedony is a stone of brotherhood and boosts group stability.  Harmonizing the mind, body, & spirit, it fosters friendly openness by absorbing negativity and dissolving it from further spread.


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•  m u l t i - m o o n s t o n e  •

Romans speculated this stone with its distinctive milky shimmer was formed from drops of moonlight.  At one time it was believed that if you held one in your mouth during a full moon, you could see your future.  Aside from foretelling, this eye catching gem has also been long associated with love.  As a prized gift for lovers, they will fall passionately in love when the moon is high.  

u s e |  With Moh’s hardness of 6, moonstone enhances intuition and lucid dreaming.  A stone representing new beginnings, it can amplify emotions during full moons.  Balancing male-female energies, moonstone calms overreactions and provides deep emotional stability.


•  t i g e r ' s  e y e  •

Roman soldiers wore tiger's-eye for protection in battle because tiger’s eye was thought to be all seeing due to its appearance.  The bands in tiger's eye display a visual effect called chatoyancy, which resembles an eye of a tiger and hence its name.  This silky, luster effect is due to the reflection of light within the fibrous structure of the gem.

u s e |  With Moh’s hardness of 4-7, tiger’s eye clarifies wants of one’s true needs from the needs of others.  Excellent for people with issues of self-criticism and blocked creativity, it supports assertion and integrity in accomplishing goals.

•  w h i t e  j a d e  •

Jade is a stone steeped in Chinese culture, stretching 9,000 years back.  It is empowered with magical properties as it is the only material believed to encapsulate both the yin and yang qualities of Heaven and Earth.  It is often referred to as a live stone due to its propensity to change color.  Believers who wear it attribute this to the absorption of bad chi that would otherwise have affected the wearer.  White jade is the most highly valued.

u s e |  With Moh’s hardness of 6, white jade is a pure stone that removes distractions and guards against accidents & misfortunes.  While attracting friendship, love, luck & money- it brings insightful dreams and aids in releasing negativity.

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•  b l a c k  t o u r m a l i n e  •

Ancient magicians relied upon Black Tourmaline, known as Schorl, to protect them from earth demons as they cast their spells.  Native American and African shamans included black tourmaline in rituals as protection against negative spells or curses.  Today Black Tourmaline is still revered as a premier talisman of protection.  Placing black tourmaline under your pillow just may protect you from nightmares.

u s e |  With Moh’s hardness of 7-7.5, black tourmaline is the most effective blocker of all kinds of negative energies, including curses and ill wishes.  It clears negative thoughts and replaces them with positivity.    Rubbing the stone brings luck and happiness.

•  i o l i t e  •

Also known as water sapphire, iolite was used as a compass, as legend goes, to help Viking mariners venture deep into the Atlantic Ocean.  By looking through thin polarizing pieces of iolite, navigators could determine the exact position of the sun and thereby maneuver their way safely to the New World and back. 

u s e |  With Moh’s hardness of 7, iolite helps to uncover and release the root of addictions.  While it motivates responsibility for oneself, it also aids to free dissonance from relationships.  Alleviating issues of codependency, it allows one to be true to one’s self without external pressures.

•  h e m a t i t e  •

Hematite is derived from the Greek word meaning "blood".  In ancient times it was believed that large deposits of hematite formed on battlegrounds where soldiers had suffered blood loss.  In the Middle Ages is was known as the "blood stone" due to the fact that the water used to polish it would turn red during the process, as if the stone were bleeding. 

u s e |  With Moh’s hardness of 5.5-6.5, hematite is an effective grounding stone that harmonizes the mind & body.  By preventing the emotions of others from influencing one’s own emotions, it frees one from external pressures.  It promotes personal magnetism by boosting self-confidence, will power, & focus.